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Jesus is My Rock

Women’s #161

Laura Ray

August 24August 27, 2023

You Are Worthy of My Song

Men’s #147

Greg Smith

August 17August 20, 2023

Living in His Grace….Walking in His Love

Men’s #146

Jeff Childs

June 8June 11, 2023

Gods Unfailing Love & Mercy

Women’s #160

Diane Adams

June 22June 25, 2023


Women’s #159

Kristen Crisp

April 13April 16, 2023

Honoring Our Past To Secure Our Future

Men’s #145

David Cope

March 30April 2, 2023

Arise: Out of the Darkness into His Glory

Women’s #158

Renae Gunter

October 20October 23, 2022

All my life you have been faithful.

Men’s #144

Scott Gage

October 13October 16, 2022

Surrender to His Will

Women’s #157

Rebecca Hwangbo

August 25August 28, 2022

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