Team Resources

Below is a collection of job descriptions, templates, and other resources for each position on a weekend.
This is meant as an evolving list. If you have created or have access to a resource not listed here, please share it for the benefit of all of us.


Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men.


head cha

The Head Cha assists the Rector with every phase of the weekend: pre-weekend, weekend, and post-weekend. The Head Cha is responsible for training the team, and therefore plans and facilitates the team meetings.

assistant head cha

The Assistant Head Cha tracks attendance and collects fees during the team meetings. On the weekend, the Assistant Head Cha monitors the time, manages the schedule, provides direction to the Section Heads, and is the liaison with the Camp of Colors.


The Professors serve as the table facilitators in the Rollo Room. Nine of the Professors present the lay rollos and are called "Rollistas." The remaining three Professors do not give rollos and are called Silent Professors.

head kitchen

The Head Kitchen Cha is responsible for planning the dining experience for the weekend, as well preparing the kitchen team for all their duties during team meetings and during the weekend.



The Kitchen Chas prepare and serve the meals on the weekend. They create a welcoming place filled with good food, fellowship, and love. Kitchen Chas are a constant model of Christ's servant attitude to the candidates and the team.


There is no written job description for Kitchen Chas as the Assistant Kitchen Chas will train. Please refer to the General Cha section of your team book:


The Chapel Chas prepare the Chapel for worship on the weekend. The also prepare the communion elements for the team meetings and on the weekend.


Data Chas assist the Rector and Head Cha with communicating information to team. They ensure everyone--team, candidates, and the community--has accurate contact information after the weeend.


Tech Chas prepare & run the audio/visual system during team meetings and in the Rollo Room. They work with the rollistas to help their talks have the impact they desire.


The Dorm Chas assign and take care of the dorm rooms for the team and candidates. They help create and maintain a restful and tidy environment.


Floater/Supply chas assist other teams with their responsibilities when needed. They also make trips to nearby store(s) (usually Walmart) to purchase items for the service areas when needed.


The Gopher Chas pull the Spiritual Directors, Professors, and Prayer Palanca people prior to each rollo. They escort the rollista to and from the Prayer Room and Rollo Room and make sure all rollistas are ready on time.


Palanca is the lever God uses to move our hearts. The Palanca Chas collect, organize, and distribute palanca to the candidates and team throughout the weekend. They present skits and prepare the Sunday bags with letters to the candidates from family, friends, and the team.


The Worship Chas lead the team and candidates in songs and worship. They usher us into God's presence during the team meetings, in the Rollo Room, and in the Chapel services.


The Table Chas serve the candidates and Professors in the Rollo Room. They help each table become a small group and make sure the candidates are well cared-for and loved throughout the weekend.


The Prayer Chas cover the team and candidates in prayer before and during the weekend. They distribute the prayer tokens for the team to pray for the candidates; get team members to sign up to pray on the 72-hour prayer wall; and coordinate the Friday night prayer reveal.


The Storeroom Chas manage and distribute supplies and over-the-counter medication on the weekend. They also take care of the podium table in the Rollo Room, putting out water, tissues, and candles; setting up the three-legged stool, etc.



The Set-Up & Takedown team’s function is to help the service area heads set up and their areas and to leave the Camp of Colors in an even better condition then when the Weekend began.


The Backup Rector (BUR) is an experienced resource who assists the Rector in planning and leading the weekend. The BUR is involved in all aspects of the weekend so he/she is prepared to step in if the Rector is unable to serve.


The Rover is the Rector for the next weekend. He/she observes all phases of preparing for and carrying out a weekend. The Rover is part of the core leadership for the team and assists wherever needed.


It's a gift for someone to:

  • Take a short break from their busy life to spend three days seeking God and listening to His voice.
  • Impact their home and work environment for Christ.
  • Maintain their own relationship with Christ through small group sharing.
  • Return to their home churches with a renewed desire to be a Servant Leader.