The Secretariat’s primary duty is to administer & manage the affairs of the TDNG community. They plan, guide, execute, review, and evaluate all activities related to conducting the TRES DIAS weekends.

If you are interested in serving on the Secretariat, please fill out the form below. There is a 6-month training period for these positions. If you are interested in serving on the Secretariat in any position, you don’t have to wait until there’s an opening to express your interest.

Secretariat Meetings

Meeting Schedule

The TDNG Secretariat meets 10-12 times per year, on the 3rd Tuesday of every month (in person) or the 3rd Monday (virtual). We don’t meet in July or December.

  • Tue, Jan 18, 2022 6:30pm (Mt Paran N)
  • Mon, Feb 21, 2022 7pm (Zoom)
  • Mon, Mar 21, 2022 7pm (Zoom)
  • Tue, Apr 19, 2022 6:30pm (Mt Paran N)
  • Mon May 16, 2022 7pm (Zoom)
  • Tue, Jun 21, 2022 6:30pm (Mt Paran N)

All Meetings are open to the community

Please join us online or in-person

If you would like to join our Zoom (online) meetings, please contact us for the info.

your secretariat

Current Secretariat Members and Position


Steve Porter

Vice Chairman


Spiritual Director

Tim Langston


Connie Locke


Kristi Morton

Men’s Leader – Alpha

Rusty Brackett

Men’s Leader – Omega

Rich Kroko

Women’s Leader – Alpha

Sue Surdi

Womens’ Leader – Omega

Gretchen Craddock

Pre-Weekend – Alpha

Stephen Chatham

Pre-Weekend – Alpha

Tara Chatham

Pre-Weekend – Omega

Boris Smith

Pre-Weekend – Omega

Karyn Smith


Glenn Hanson


Kathy Hanson


Carol Todd


Marci McGovney

Food Mgmt – Alpha

Ricky Davis

Food Mgmt – Alpha

Amber Davis

Food Mgmt – Omega

Steve Hatch

Food Mgmt – Omega

Carol Hatch

Palanca – Alpha

Michelle Coe

Palanca – Alpha

Jennifer Barner

Palanca – Omega

Palanca – Omega

4th Day/ Post-Weekend – Alpha

Torre Stanfill

4th Day/ Post-Weekend – Alpha

Meagan Stanfill

4th Day/ Post-Weekend – Omega

Donnie Reynolds

4th Day/ Post-Weekend – Omega

Sandy Reynolds


Anson Fields


Craig Patterson

Database Manager

Cole Knight

Camp of Colors rep

David Darden

Camp of Colors rep

Miriam Dolson

Document Control

Samantha Brooks

Basic Facts About Secretariat

Secretariat members must meet these requirements:

  • Lifestyle commensurate with biblical leadership and the King James Version of the Holy Scriptures;
  • A track record of support of the TRES DIAS movement;
  • Have served at least three teams, preferably in different service areas;
  • Have skills required by Secretariat position job description (details about the service areas are available);
  • Commit to attend all Secretariat meetings. Secretariat members may not miss more than two meetings per operating year.
  • Secretariat members may not occupy a position on the governing body (e.g.,Secretariat, Council, or Board) of any other local Tres Dias, Cursillo, Emmaus or Vida Neuva community. However, steering committee participation is permitted.
Interested in Secretariat?

Positions come open often. Please let us know of your interest so that we may contact you about serving.

If you have questions, or need more information, reach out to a secretariat member.